About Archery Games

Alex Instructing

Hi! We're Alex and Steph, the brains (Steph) and beauty (me) behind Archery Games... well we like to think so. We're just a couple of people who found something amazing and wanted to bring it to everyone in Sydney. We've loved the last few years of building a business from a super-fun hobby into a successful, sought after activity for anyone and everyone to try!

I came across clips of Archery Tag in 2013 on YouTube and was instantly hooked. The sport was so new back then, there were ZERO places to play in Australia at all. #tears! Didn't take us long before we took the jump to become an Archery Tag Licensee, and we were up and running! 2014 was a huge year for us – building Archery Games up and starting a family of our own too! Family and friends gave us the courage and support we needed, so a big THANKS is owed to a lot of people.

Fast forward to today. With hard work, a bunch of incredible supporters, and now with two little kidlets running around after us, I love that we are still BUZZING every single time someone organises an event and wants to play with us! If you ever shoot through an enquiry, you'll likely hear from Steph within a day or two. Alternatively give us a call and one of us will answer any question you have. (Like tomato or BBQ? BBQ all the way!) And you'll see me at almost every event running the day for you.

Let us know when you're ready for some action... we are waiting!

For more information on Archery Tag simply contact us, or check out our Facebook page.

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Archery Games Mission

Archery Tag exists to introduce individuals to the sport of archery through a safe, fun, and unique archery experience.

Archery Games Vision

Our vision is for Archery Tag to become a mainstream sanctioned global sport at the collegiate, professional, and Olympic levels.