Looking for some tasty treats to satisfy you and your mates' bellies after some intense rounds of Archery Tag combat action? This delicious selection will make your day truly memorable, just let us know what you fancy and we'll make it happen.

Morning or Afternoon Tea Platter

½ x danish, ½ x muffin, ½ x banana / pear & raspberry bread

$7 per person

Sandwich Platter

A selection of fresh hand made sandwiches

$8.50 per person

Focaccia / Turkish Bread / Wrap Platter

A selection of fresh hand made focaccias and wraps

$10 per person

Mezzo Platter

Vegetarian mezzo selection including dips, chickpea, hummus, marinated olives, falafel, balsamic mushrooms, cherry tomato and Lebanese bread

$11 per person

Fruit Platter

Various fresh seasonal fruits

$7.50 per person

Mexican Paleta Ice Creams

2 x Watermelon, 2 x Strawberry, 2 x Mango, 2 x Oreo, 2 x Mixed Berries

$50 per 10 pack

Water and Juices

Cold bottled water and assorted juices

$2 per person

Water and Soft Drinks

Cold bottled water and assorted soft drinks

$3 per person

Prices and menu availability subject to change without notice.

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