We supply each player with our normal Archery Tag masks at all events and parties, but if you're after something a little more beastly, take a look at our Archery Tag full face mesh masks: they are bold, strong and easy to wear. The main feature of these masks that separate them from the rest is their tough mesh eye area. It's made of steel, so provides ample protection from incoming Archery Tag arrows while allowing the cool air to move through the mask - this prevents any fogging too. Your vision on the field is crystal clear. No more scratchy plastic lenses to get in your way during gameplay.

Bad-ass Black Mesh Mask
Camo Green Mesh Mask

The masks are one size fits all with an adjustable strap and comfy foam cushioning around the face. Choose camo-green or badass-black.

These Archery Tag mesh masks are available to purchase now. Your own mask to wear on the day of your event or during the season of our local competitions. Once purchased, the mask will be waiting at the field for you, ready for you to wear!

Superior Mesh Masks

Own your very own mask to use at your event and take home to keep. Choose camo-green or badass-black.

Currently out of stock

Wearing Mesh Mask