Ever thought of having clear visual proof of those head shots and fast action army rolls to post up online or on your work's noticeboard? Well we can have those little extras ready for you after your event! If you're keen on having photos or an Event Video to capture your players in their action-packed glory... then let us know!

Check out some recent pics in our gallery!

Event Photo Package

We'll take a stack of high-res images during your event, capturing the look on your opponents' faces as they see that incoming arrow, or their feet in the air after being shot down by a sniper-accurate arrow. They will be posted on our website and social media sites the week following your event. If you're keen for copies of the images we can arrange to Dropbox them to you at your request!

$49 per event

Event Video Package

Imagine your very own action-packed combat event video, edited from footage taken on the day with heart-pumping music throughout! It will be like your own personal movie trailer for your Archery Tag event with your friends, family or colleagues. We'll capture the firing squads, the fast paced game play, your teammates faces of horror when they realise an arrow is coming right for them... well you get the idea. Let us know and we'll get it done! Expect to see the video on our YouTube channel (and also sent to you on request) about 1-2 weeks following your event.

$79 per event

Gameplay Photo Package 1
Gameplay Photo Package 2
Gameplay Photo Package 3
Gameplay Photo Package 4