We are overwhelmed to announce our first ever feature article in our local newspaper, the Rouse Hill Times! We have many people to thank for all their help and support getting us to this point. Who would've thought Archery Games would be featured in an actual newspaper, that people actually read! Can you tell we are excited?

So we had a pie in the sky dream of being in the paper one day, but really it actually all started with getting to know other local business owners, chatting with them and building relationships. We love to keep in touch with the Hills District community, as it's where we all grew up.

How the opportunity all came about

We met our business coach, Alison Valenti at a networking night in Castle Hill, set up by the Hills District Business Mums Facebook group. What a wealth of knowledge and information these ladies are! All mums that have their own business, work hard, network and support their community. Alison has helped us over several months come from a part-time hobby to a fully fledged business. Through Alison we met Lisa Milne - another mum in the Hills who owns her own beauty room nearby. After networking with Lisa for just a few weeks, she offered a contact of hers at the local paper - Vanessa Bradbury. Vanessa had recently written a feature article on Lisa's business and that exposure had well and truly put her on the map.

Archery Games in the newspaper

Long story short, we contacted Vanessa from the Rouse Hill Times and sent her some information on ourselves, Archery Games and what Archery Tag is. It didn't take her long to follow us up - she called to set up an interview and photoshoot the very next week! We answered all her questions about when we began the business, what Archery Tag is, who can have a go and does it hurt! (Not really...) We excitedly got dressed in our new uniforms, did our hair and makeup (me, not Alex) and set up some equipment at our local park for the shoot.

So what happened next?

So fast forward to the following week (those few days DRAGGED) and I went up early to Rouse Hill Town Centre and stole (I'm pretty sure they are put on that stand for free) FIVE copies and raced back to show Alex. Famous! Our dream came true that day, but really our dream is always evolving. We want to be bigger, better, have several mobile teams, an indoor centre... more and more! It will come, we will be patient. At least for now the Hills District in Sydney knows about us. Come play some Archery Tag with us!

See our article online at http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/the-hills/archery-games-a-soft-sell-with-giant-marshmallows/news-story/098ed837f42541a1456a8035c3aae461.

Archery Games in the newspaper

To book your next Archery Tag event in and around Sydney's Hills District, call 0421 668 807.