We have just received Archery Tag's new kids Cadet Bows – lighter and easier to use for littlies as young as 8 years old! In the past our bows were suitable for kids 12 and up, but with our new Cadet Bows, young ones can also have a go at the hottest new game to hit Sydney, straight from the U.S.!

We use our Cadet Bows for kids' parties, youth and church groups, school events and Scouts/Guides groups. They are by far the most exciting addition to our Archery Tag family so far!

Archery Tag Cadet Bows

Cadet Bows are:

  • Light weight, so little arms can carry them whilst they run to the perfect shooting spot on the field!
  • Made with small risers (handles), so little hands can hold the bow easily!
  • Easy to use – hold the bow in one hand, pull back and release the string with the other! Simple!
  • Awesome to capture in photos – with a bow and a mask on, the kids look like brave and professional archers at their event!

Searching for something new for your little one's birthday party coming up? If they've had a bowling party, been to the movies, and you're wanting something SAFE yet INCREDIBLY FUN… then let us help organise an Archery Tag party for them and their friends!

Cadet Bows For Archery Tag

A group of 10-30 kids is perfect for some awesome archery team combat – but we can also cater for many more archers! We organise everything for your little one's special day. Come to our home turf at Glenwood 2768, or we are more than happy to travel to you in Sydney. We can use most parks, reserves, tennis courts indoor courts/halls or private properties. Huge inflatable bunkers, bows, arrows, masks, arm guards, and a tonne of fun is all provided! Bring nothing but your camera to snap some photos of the kids having the best birthday party EVER.

The kids are run through instruction and practice with our staff members, then split into teams and take the field ready for combat! We play a range of heart-stopping game types, including Medic, Hunger Games, Infection, VIP, and more! The kids can have breaks as needed and swap teams to keep things interesting. If you're after Archery Tag themed invitations just let us know and we can shoot them through to your email!

Ready to get some Archery Tag action of your own?

Send out a mass text now... get as many players into your group as you wish and when you have approximate numbers, give us a call, email or send us an enquiry through the website. YOU let US know where you want to play, if you're not sure we can always suggest parks, indoor centres, etc nearby. If you want information to send out to your group, we can simply email you an Info Pack. One thing I'll say is, as soon as you have a date in mind, let us know! We receive steady bookings up to 8 weeks in advance, so to avoid missing out, ask if we're free ASAP.

Cadet Bows For Kids

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