Sydney's summer is definitely on its way! It's going to get hot, and with the sizzle comes sweat, and a need to cool down. We have the answer! Archery Games is excited to announce that we will be the first Archery Tag providers in Australia to offer Archery Tag Water Wars - the newest extreme archery combat action combined with Super Soakers and a tonne of water balloons! This is a sure-fire way to keep cool when you're dodging arrows and discussing strategy out on the field.

Archery Tag Water Wars Super Soaker

With summer fast approaching we knew there was going to be a HUGE need for players to be able to keep cool in the hot Aussie summers. Temps here in Sydney can reach into the 40s on a really warm day, and whilst we are always travelling to a park, reserve or private property near you, it can be difficult to find a tap to re-fill the all important water bottles!

The shops are beginning to fill with all things beach and pool related, so we began our research (wandering the aisles of toy stores and KMart) with major excitement. We wanted a way to weave water into our Archery Tag games, so that players could keep cool in a safe and effective way. The Super Soakers virtually jumped off the shelf at us! Intimidating and bold, yet fun and easy to use - exactly what we needed! One of these bad boys will be used by each team on the field, as a (welcome) distraction to the opposing team members. What better way to obscure someone's aim than super soaking them in the FACE.

Archery Tag Water Wars Water Ballons

Next up are the water balloons. Hundreds of them. Literally, we have hundreds in our kit ready for teams to use at their discretion. Each team gratefully accepts a bucket of water balloons at the beginning of the Archery Tag round and places it behind the 5-spot target on their side of the field. During the game, players skilfully dodge arrows to make their way to the bucket and FIIIIRE a handful of water balloons at the enemy players.

So what are you waiting for? Enquire now about having Water Wars at your next Archery Tag event. Book with us for a party, team building event, Christmas party, or just because. Summer's coming, and so is Archery Tag Water Wars! Are you ready to get wet?