We just had to share this awesome recount from one of our most recent Archery Tag events.

"Throughout the world, people celebrate the anniversary of breaking free of their mother's womb in a variety of ways, most of which involve happy, uplifting events such as cake and the bestowing of gifts upon the womb-destroyer. Very few rituals for celebrating one's day of birth involve inflicting superficial pain, suffering and humiliation upon your friends- the singing of 'Happy Birthday To You' is one exception that comes to mind- so naturally, I was delighted beyond words to discover a place that would allow (better yet, actively encourage) my friends and I to bond over a good session of shooting one another in the face and other sensitive body parts with foam tipped projectiles.

Like some kind of fantastic allegory of my journey from a twinkle in my father's eye to the strapping, built specimen I am today, over the course of a couple of hours my group and I went from budding archers to fearless warriors (albeit ones who have not yet discovered modern weaponry). Like a metaphor of our friendship, we drew back our bows and flung arrows of comradery at one another's butts. Like a representation of life itself, we hid behind big cushioned pillars and took cheap shots at our enemies' little target boards while trying to avoid getting an arrow to the head or whacking one another by accident.

Archery Tag Experience

This delightfully sweaty and mildly terrifying experience yielded a surprise that none anticipated; A fearless blonde goddess, armed only with a camera, who descended upon the battlefield to record the entire thing in glorious 1080p quality. This immortalised depiction of our fight shall live on for our children, and our children's children, and many more after that unless some of us don't want kids, which is a perfectly acceptable lifestyle choice even if it means you have less bragging options to go with for your mad souvenir video and photos.

Please accept our most heartfelt thanks for the chance to gain honour through the noble art of archery tag. We are eternally grateful and welcome the chance for a rematch. While the bruises on the butts of the losing team may fade, our gratitude will live on.

Much love, Anthony and the team."

- Written by your fan, Sarah. L