If it's been a trying year at the office and everyone's ready to let off some steam, possibly aimed at the boss, then gear up and head on out for a little heart-pumping combat action!

Archery Tag is the perfect alternative to boring team-building events like long lunches and picnics at the park. Think a mash up of combat archery, dodgeball and paintball. It's a game of skill and agility, for those who want to get right in the action. And for the rest of us, well just play it safe down the back of the field and shoot down range to your unsuspecting colleagues.

Alternative to Paintball

We'll even throw in a firing squad of everyone vs. the boss to wrap up the day. Just tell him or her it's your way of thanking them for all the hard work they've put in this financial year. Something like that...

We are mobile and will come to you

We're mobile and can set up the game near you in Sydney. Otherwise, come to our home turf in Glenwood for an automatic discount. We use parks, tennis courts and indoor courts to play, so plenty of options. The group will be split into 2 teams on the day, run through some instruction and practice before jumping into multiple rounds of Archery Tag and gameplay variations. If you require a particular colleague to be on the opposing team, well… that can be arranged.

Let us do all the work and just make sure everyone gets out of the office for a couple of hours in their joggers. We can even add in catering, photo/video packages or inflatable costumes for hire, just to make it that bit extra special.

We've still got spot available for EOFY Archery Tag events before end of June so hit us up now! Give us a call or just fill in all the details on our Booking Form.

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So are you drooling for some combat action yet?! Try something different; paintball is definitely a fantastic game but you just can't beat Archery Tag. Don't forget we can also include high-res photos and an event video (see some examples on our YouTube channel) for your booking, so contact us now for more information!

Ready to book now, or want some more info? Call Alex on 0421 668 807 to see whether your desired date and time is available. Contact us using the form below. We'll get back to you within 24 hours, sweet!