Want to get the best out of your Archery Tag bow at your event? Listen up because you're about to get a lesson in loading, aiming and firing to get that headshot on your best mate you're aiming for... jokes.

Firing a bow is easy

Let me start by being dead-set honest with you - these bows are the simplest to handle, ever. Seriously, you can be a total noob, never picked up a bow or arrow before, only watched the Hunger Games cos your friends wanted to... you get the picture. Our patented Archery Tag bows and foam-tipped arrows have been used by beginners through to trained target archers (like some of our very own staff), and we have received nothing but positive feedback!

Before you start taking notes though, at all of our events, each and every player gets trained instruction and practice time before jumping into the game, so don't stress.

Teaching How To Fire An Archery Tag Bow 1

Click the arrow onto the string

Let's GO! First thing to know is you can hold any of our Archery Tag bows in either your left or right hand. They have a dual-sided shelf for the arrow to sit on, so either way you're fine. Hold the bow just under the shelf with you non-dominant hand, and lay it flat with the 'arms' out to either side in front of you. Make sure the back of your hand is facing the sky. This is the best way to load an arrow, from either a standing or kneeling (or lying!) position.

Grab your arrow just above the fletching (near the base of the arrow, not the foam tip end!) and rest it on your bow, parallel to your bow-arm. (Do I need to say the foam-tip should be facing away from you..?) Once it's resting on the bow's shelf, click the arrow in place on the bowstring between the finger savers (you'll see these easily on the string). Once it's clicked in place, you can loop your index finger over the arrow to keep it in place whilst you stride the field looking for an enemy to shoot.

Teaching How To Fire An Archery Tag Bow 2

Pull it back as far as you can

Once you've found your target, bring your bow up parallel to your body but *just* off 90 degrees, so that your arrow doesn't fall off the shelf. This tilt will make things a lot easier in play.

Use the 3 finger savers to pull back your bowstring as far as you can - so the foam-tip of the arrow reaches the bow. The further you pull, the more power your shot will have. Aim a little higher than your target, compensate for the wind... just kidding. When you're ready, SHOOT! And watch your target go down like a sack of potatoes. Boom.

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