Browsing Google for something new and different to do on the weekend? It's so hard finding something that's NOT expensive, that gets your friends or family together for a tonne of fun, yet is easy for all ages and most of all SAFE! So draining. It's all good. Stop Googling, and read on...

Not sure what exactly Archery Tag is? It IS a pretty new weekend activity. Think dodgeball, but with bows and foam-tipped arrows! Two teams, a field, a bunch of inflatable bunkers, and some intense combat action. Use the foam-tipped arrows to shoot and 'tag' out your enemy team members. There's a tonne of gameplay varieties - Medic, Defection, Zombies vs Humans, Capture the Flag... more! Play several back-to-back games to see who will be crowned the Ultimate Archery Tag Champions!

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Archery Tag in Sydney is easy to organise, fun and safe (but the shots still pack a punch!)

Archery Tag is the perfect, new weekend alternative to bringing a soccer ball to the park, or setting up wickets in your backyard for a game of family cricket. It's easy to organise as all you need to do it let us know what you're after and what area you're all in - we bring the Archery Tag action to you! Seriously... let us know what Sydney suburb you live in and we are happy to travel to set up this new activity at a park, tennis court or indoor centre nearby. So convenient!

This fun activity is completely safe. You will NOT leave with any huge welts like at paintball! We provide all equipment which includes protective gear (mask and leather arm guard) so you can go all ninja-archery-warrior on your friends and family without worrying about the toll it may take on your body. The foam-tipped arrows are large enough that its surface area plus the wind resistance during flight will absorb a bit of the impact. Too techy? Basically, you don't wanna get hit by the arrow if you can help it, but it won't kill you if you do! In our 2 years of operating, we have not had any serious injuries, and only ever given out the odd bandaid or two! (Don't be afraid to ask... we want players to tell us if something not right or they need help. If you get injured definitely come and let one of our staff know!)

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Organising an Archery Tag event is cheap as chips, so you can always come back for more!

Booking an activity for the weekend (or weekday!) with us for your friends, family, colleagues (or students!), is an easy choice, as it's very cost effective. Did you know we now have a new price for youths and kids? If you're 16 and under then you won't need to shell out the adult's price. And if you are an adult, you will not be spending your rent money on this for sure. Groups generally book for a 2 hour event, which gives players enough time after instruction and practice to get in some rounds of intense combat action. Check out our pricing page for information on costs - which includes travel (for events away from our base at Glenwood), set up/pack up, all equipment, fully trained staff and referees and a high-res photo and video package (for 2 hr events). Lastly, we make it easy for everyone by accepting EFT or Visa/Mastercard at the field!

Fun Weekend Activity Action

High-Res Photos and Event Video - yes please!

If you're keen to have proof of the headshots you landed on your best friend or mum, or footage of the moment in the firing squad where 10 arrows simultaneously hit your colleague's butt... then be sure to ask us about our Photo and Video Package. We generally offer these for groups doing a 2 hour event, which allows plenty of opportunity for re-runs of that tuck-n-roll you mastered to move stealthily between bunkers on the field. We will make everyone look like Robin Hood in his prime. We upload our photos to the gallery of our website, Facebook page and edited videos go up on our YouTube channel. We send everyone in your group an email notifying them when it's all ready, so they can all go online and check it out.

Ready to get some Archery Tag action of your own?

Send out a mass text now... get as many players into your group as you wish and when you have approximate numbers, give us a call, email or send us an enquiry through the website. YOU let US know where you want to play, if you're not sure we can always suggest parks, indoor centres, etc nearby. If you want information to send out to your group, we can simply email you an Info Pack. One thing I'll say is, as soon as you have a date in mind, let us know! We receive steady bookings up to 8 weeks in advance, so to avoid missing out, ask if we're free ASAP.

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