We've just launched our new ARCHERY GAMES logo! He's our very own Archery Tag assassin/ninja/all-round-badass. See that look on his face? He's coming for you. And he knows something you don't. (You're about to learn the true meaning of 'headshot'...)

But let's go back to the beginning.

We started Archery Games back in 2013. Excitingly, we were the FIRST to bring Archery Tag to Sydney, all the way from the U.S. Whaaat?! It's true. We were all set to conquer the world. Or Sydney, at least. The thing is, we are combat archers at heart, not graphic designers! So with the help of our very good friend Shannon, we created our first logo: the cool, calm and collected, black and white, straight shooting arrow that spliced through our name, with fletching blazing from its shaft.

Black Archery Games Logo

It served us faithfully, until we evolved, and our brand became BIG. We are hosting back-to-back events every weekend, and sometimes overlapping bookings – we have 2 mobile teams to serve the people with their Archery Tag needs! We have expanded, we have evolved, and we needed something new.

Bring in our Archery Tag assassin. He's cloaked in a burnt yellow, most likely from the hours of launching arrows at his enemies under the scorching sun, and has a valiant blue shield, daring you to cross him. See that rich, hand-carved mahogany bow? Killed 1000 people alone. But he's courageous and bold, and that's what we are.

New Archery Games Logo Ideas

Our new logo has answered all your questions. How do I secretly invite all my friends (and perhaps non-friends) to a lovely, friendly and happy get together only to shoot them all in the back, stomach, legs and shooting arm... well here you go. Sign up, book an event, be the fearless badass you know you truly are. We'll bring out the sniper in your archery skill.

So seeing as we now have our friendly archery assassin ready to go, our next step is re-branding our whole business, so stay tuned for re-vamped Info Packs, Booking Forms, Banners, Flyers... oh and STAFF UNIFORMS. Yes sir, we are all going to look like our little archer ninja guy. Don't mess with the Archery Games staff, we might just pop up when you least expect it...

New Archery Games Logo Final