When your not-so-little one is all grown up and turning another year older, it's a bit daunting. What to buy them? How to celebrate? Tweens and teens can be hard to please. There are so many gift and party ideas, but many of them have been done before. The usual bowling or movies party are no longer cutting it for the kids of today. We're now having to think outside the box... something new and different can be hard to find, especially when kids are so plugged in to their devices and seeing what everyone else is doing too.

What is Archery Tag and what makes it so much fun for kids?

It's only the newest and hottest, safe combat action sport to hit Australia straight from the U.S.! Archery Games was the first to bring this incredible game to Sydney, and families, friends and co-workers have been loving it.

The kids themselves (as well as parents) are often looking for something that gets them outdoors in the sunshine, moving around and getting back to just having fun with their mates. Girls and guys alike seem to really enjoy being outside and working together, so why not choose or create a birthday party centred around an outdoor recreation activity? Here's where one of the best kids party ideas comes in...

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A hit new concept coming back is combat games! Yes, we know kids love online games (such as Fortnite) and can really get sucked into the world of digital gaming. There's obviously something behind these game concepts that captures kids of all ages. A great way to translate this into real-life fun is to get the kids together for team-based combat games. Activities that are actually outside of home, away from the computer where they can feel the sun on their face and the wind in their hair! There are a number of party concepts based on combat action that are safe and a tonne of fun. It gets kids moving away from the screens and into face to face activities. They don't even realise they're building friendships, working as a team and having some good ol' fashioned fun!

Heading out to your local park for the party takes the stress off families, no need to tidy and prepare beforehand and there's less to clean up on the day! Parks and reserves are fantastic places to have a party as there's usually no need to book through council and many have top notch facilities too. Bring a few plates of food, eski of drinks and some snags for a barbie and you're set! The kids can get amongst the organised action and check back in for some food as they get peckish.

If you're looking for the best combat kids birthday party idea then head on over to our Booking Form page where you can check if your preferred day and time is available!

Why grab a few games with us?

Well apart from the fact that your kids will honour your excellent taste in action-packed fun by agreeing to clean their rooms, do their homework... you get the idea, apart from that, here are our top 3 reasons:

  • We have a field ready to go here in Glenwood, in the Hills District or you might know we are MOBILE and travel across Sydney to set up Archery Tag for your kids' party.
  • If you wish, your birthday party package can include high-res photos that can be downloaded just 24 hours after the event!
  • You can relax and watch whilst we wrangle your kidlets and let them unleash their wild side on their friends (and enemies.)
Archery Tag Kids Party

What else you need to know

To play Archery Tag, kids must be 10 years or over. A simple waiver will need to be signed by a guardian for kids under 18. For younger ones under 10, we recommend booking our S.A.F.E. Archery Inflatable Range with Hovering Balls, it's an awesome way to experience safe archery at home, under a pergola, or out in the backyard.

To book your Archery Tag kids party in and around Sydney's Hills District, call 0421 668 807.

We can also cater to Christmas parties, team building exercises, and even buck's nights. Get in touch and find out exactly how we can help you.