Local husband and wife team host Sydney's first Archery Tag Competition here in the Hills District in September.

Glenwood residents Alex and Stephanie Pinto have brought the hottest new combat sport Archery Tag to Sydney, all the way from the U.S.. Archery Tag utilises bows and patented foam-tipped arrows to shoot and tag out the opposing team.

To celebrate the first ever local competition, they are hosting a free Open Day for the community to come along and try Archery Tag, at the Castle Hill Indoor Sports Centre on Saturday 29th August from 9am-1pm.

The first ever Archery Tag Competition is being held locally, here at Castle Hill next month. Alex and Stephanie have been building their Archery Games business whilst also raising their first child Arthur, who has just celebrated his first birthday.

Archery Tag Gameplay

"It's been a crazy year, we started our own business and our own little family. We've been overwhelmed by people's response to Archery Tag, it's the perfect mix between paintball and dodge ball" Alex said.

Archery Games is a local business based in Glenwood and run by young couple Alex and Stephanie Pinto. In addition to the Archery Tag local competition, Archery Games provides Archery Tag events for parties, birthdays, corporate team-building days, school sports, buck's and hen's days and other events.

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