We are so excited to have finally received our shipment of new face masks for Archery Tag events! These bad boys look awesome but are also protective and fog resistant!

We purchased a whole batch of V-Force Armour Field Vision goggles in camouflage green, which have a low profile ergonomic protection, meaning they look fantastic with a minimum surface area so they are easy on your face. The lenses are rounded so there is no vision distortion at the top and bottom of the lenses, unlike many other masks out there. They are also durable and scratch resistant.

Green V-Force Armor Field Vision Goggles

Our regular black Archery Tag masks are still going strong, we use these at every event too. These are a slightly bigger size than the V-Force masks, so we have found that some players feel these fit prescription glasses under them quite easily. When you're ready to grab a mask and head onto the field, choose either a black or camo-coloured depending on how you feel... and get ready to kick some butt!

Black V-Force Armor Field Vision Goggles

The best part we think, is the Clear-Vision Thermocured Non-fog lens. YES! When you're running around dodging arrows and scoping out opponents, the last thing you want is your lens to fog up and distort your vision! We've tried out these new masks a few times already, and have received incredibly positive feedback from players.

Ok I forgot my second favourite thing about these babies - they are green camouflage colour! We play Archery Tag indoors and outdoors so being that little bit inconspicuous in any environment can help you spy the enemy and tag them out to win the match!

V-Force Armor Field Vision Goggles Complete Set

Our new V-Force Armour Field Vision masks are now available to use at all our events, tell us what you think as we are always looking for feedback to improve your Archery Tag experience! Maybe you could even take a selfie before the game and post it for all to see...