Look out guys and girls, we are hitting the streets in some seriously hot transport... our Archery Games van got WRAPPED! You can now see us swerving the streets of Sydney (and by that I mean driving very safely and obeying all road rules), getting ourselves to your events in style.

Let me refresh your memory - last year we purchased a brand new Hiace van and filled it with our most prized possessions... inflatable bunkers, targets, Archery Tag bows and foam-tipped arrows. And more. It did the job... until now! We took the leap into getting a beastly wrap for our van so that now we are recognisable on the streets of Sydney. When you book an Archery Tag event, we will pull up in style. You'll see us from a mile away in our brave blue and gracious gold colours, our ninja archer logo plastered on the sides and rear.

Killer Image Signs Wrap Side View

We were honoured to have Killer Image Signs in Blacktown design, print and install the wrap for us. These guys are amazing. Joel was super patient and humble, we went back and forth with design ideas and he ultimately Killed it, as we knew he would.

Give us a shout if you see us pumping around the Hills District, Blacktown, or anywhere across Sydney. You guys know we travel across Sydney to set up for your event. Any time, anywhere. Well, you know. Give us a beep, post on our FB page, let us know what you think! It makes driving that much more fun. Oh and if you recognise anyone in the photos on the side panels, tell us! You might just be famous.

Killer Image Signs Wrap Back View