"She's engaged!!!" Time to plan the most memorable hen's night activity in history... Don't go searching for "tea party" or "dance class". Just don't even search actually, because you've already found your answer right here! Archery Tag in Sydney is your ticket to being hailed the best maid of honour/bridesmaid ever.

What's Archery Tag?

Ok - if you haven't heard, it's the newest and hottest combat sport to hit Australia from the U.S. Both men and women (and even kids!) are having a blast trying out this high intensity team game. Bucks and Hens enjoy it for something new and different, feeling like they have already done the usual activities before their big day. An event is typically 10-20 players, split into 2 teams who battle to shoot their opposing team members using the bows and foam-tipped arrows. These pack a small punch but don't leave any welts, unlike paintball. We play on a grass field in parks/reserves, tennis courts, private properties or at an indoor centre. Players hide behind large inflatable bunkers and move strategically to shoot at the enemy to tag them out, and also aim at foam targets to win the game.

What can we expect at a Archery Tag Hen's event?

Gather the bride, bridesmaids and her closest friends, choose your location across Sydney that suits your group. After some initial instruction and practice with our simple recurve bows, chuck on a mask, grab some arrows and head out to the field. Teams verse each other on either side of the field, aiming to tag out other players with their arrows. You'll experience a variety of Archery Tag gameplay: VIP, Medic, Capture the Flag, Zombies vs Humans... make it as intense or relaxed as you want! Be warned, you may be in the firing squad if your team loses a round!

Don't forget to read the rules of Archery Tag before your event so you can hit the ground running and shooting!

What's included in our event?

We travel across Sydney, whether it be the Hills District, south-west, the beaches or up north... anywhere you are, to set up and host an event. We include all equipment, staffing, set up/pack up, instruction, practice and tonnes of gameplay to keep you going. High-res photos will be uploaded to our website and facebook page shortly after the event. On request we can also take video footage to create an event video just for your group! See some examples on our YouTube channel).

Our gallery

Want to see a recent Hen taking her best shot? Fairen's Hens Event was a HIT! Her and her friends came on a sunny Saturday morning to our Glenwood field for some intense combat action. They loved it! Have a look at their video above.

Recent Archery Tag Hens Party

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