Mt. Kuring-gai Local Comp Open Night

Ready for some insane combat action? ARCHERY TAG is coming to Action Indoor Sports at Mt Kuring-gai on Monday 4th April! If you're 10 years or older, this is your chance at getting REVENGE on those you love... just kidding...

Round up the guys and girls or come by yourself, just don't miss out on being on the court sending some headshots down-field. Tonight we are hosting back to back games of Archery Tag and a variety of gameplay including Medic, Infection, VIP and more. You'll want to bring joggers and a drink, since you'll be getting into some fierce combat action right from the first minute.

We will have 4 set timeslots: 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30pm. First in best dressed, we will allocate players to teams according to the amount of people ready to play. Come early if you're keen to jump in the first round. We can allow up to 10 vs. 10 players on the court during one 30min timeslot. As it's first in best dressed, you may have to wait to watch a game before your turn comes. At the beginning of each 30 min timeslot, 5 min will be instruction and practice with the bows and arrows, so you get the best experience when the whistle blows. Boom!

So you're keen? Awesome. Get to the indoor centre early to avoid missing out. We'll be setting up from 6pm, and have a sign in sheet ready for players who want to choose their timeslot. Bring just $10 to play. (If you want to play for a second 30 min game, and there are spots free when the time comes, you can play again for another $10).

Questions? Contact us, or better yet, get it straight from the horse's mouth - Alex our licensee is on 0421 668 807. See you there!

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Event Details

What's On: Archery Tag Combat Night!
Cost: $10 / 30 min game
Date: Monday 4th April 2016
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Where: AIS Mt. Kuring-gai

7 Gundah Road, Mt. Kuring-gai NSW 2080

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