We'll soon begin our 7th season of Sydney's ONLY Archery Tag Local Competition; it starts Friday 21st July 2017! We play on Friday evenings for 15 weeks, including Semi-Final and Grand-Final games.

Beware: this is NOT anything like your average indoor soccer/cricket/netball competition. We don't chuck you on the court and blow the whistle. During the competition, your team has full access to our patented Archery Tag U.S. equipment - specialised recurve bows, foam-tipped arrows, protective face masks and fitted arm guards. We mark out a specific field set for Archery Tag gameplay, complete with safety zone and inflatable bunkers. We take pride in having the best competition equipment and structure of Archery Tag in Australia. A big call, but it's true.

To play, you'll need to have either registered a team in the comp or joined up to a team as an individual (or with a friend or two). Teams are unisex and consist of 4-7 players: 4 take the field at one time and any others are subs - and can be any mix of men/women. Ages 16 and up!

Archery Tag Winter Local Competition

Location is The Island Indoor Centre, 10 Inglewood Place, Baulkham Hills (just off Norwest Boulevard). Timeslots will be 7-10pm.

Register a team or your interest in joining NOW, as the comp starts soon! No archery experience required, noobs most welcome. Check out our page and website for more details, pics and videos on what it's all about.

See more details and download the Registration Form from our website in the Local Competition section.

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Event Details

What's On: Sydney's only Archery Tag local competition, Winter 2017
Cost: TBC
Date: Friday 21st July 2017
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Where: The Island OOSH Indoor Centre

10 Inglewood Place, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153


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