To celebrate our upcoming Archery Tag local competition that's beginning next month, we are hosting a FREE Open Night full of Archery Tag gameplay! Come on down to Castle Hill Indoor Sports during the evening after work (or school!), don't bring anything except yourself! Maybe some joggers and casual/sports wear. Although the local comp will be for players 16 yrs and over, on the Open Night you can be 10 years and up!

Bring your friends or come alone, we're setting up game after game of Archery Tag for everyone to try. Games will be around 5 mins long, so nice and short to have a heap of fun and have another go if you're keen. No archery experience needed! Details are below and on our Facebook Event page.

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Event Details

What's On: FREE Archery Tag Open Night
Cost: FREE
Date: Friday 26th February 2016
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Where: Castle Hill Indoor Sports Centre

3/18 Anella Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154

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