Macquarie University O Week 2015

Macquarie University in Sydney holds an Orientation Week, better known locally as O Week, for their students each semester. O Week welcomes the students to the university and helps familiarise them with the campus and clubs. Each year O Week proves to be a huge success, with a number of stalls, clubs and businesses from around Sydney all coming together to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter for the students at Macquarie University.

During the recent O Week, the campus was buzzing with excitement as Archery Games had been approached to host an Archery Tag event for the students. Staff, students and stall holders all came to have a go and try out the hottest new archery combat sport to hit Sydney, Australia from the U.S., Archery Tag! The day was a huge hit. Be sure to check out the album of photos in our gallery!

The photos are now available in our gallery. Check them out here.

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Event Details

What's On: Archery Tag Fun Day
Cost: FREE
Date: Wednesday 22nd July 2015
Time: All day
Where: Macquarie University

Balaclava Road, North Ryde NSW 2109

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