Oh hey! You're planning a get-together soon... a bucks, or a birthday perhaps? Aha! Paintball sounds like fun, a bit of an adrenaline kick, but actually we did that last year. And come to think of it, it was pretty painful! I had welts for like 2 weeks. Not to mention darn EXPENSIVE. I think I dropped about $200 that day on my fun and bullets and everything. Pfff.

You sir (or madam), have come to the right place! ARCHERY TAG is the hottest new combat game to hit Australia, straight from the U.S and the perfect alternative to paintball. Haven't heard of it yet? You will soon be raving about it... Ok well maybe just chatting to your friends about how awesome it was.

What's Archery Tag?

Think dodgeball, but with bows and foam-tipped arrows! Two teams, a field, a bunch of inflatable bunkers, and it's ON. Use the foam-tipped arrows to shoot and 'tag' out your enemy team members. Shoot them in the body for an easier shot or try a headshot - yes it's legal, as all players wear a protective mask. There's a bunch of gameplay varieties - Medic, Zombies vs Humans, Capture the Flag, Defection... more and more. You can also aim for the opponent's 5 spot form target, knock out all the spots with arrows for the win!

Alternative to Paintball

What to Expect at an Event

Welllll, definitely no bruising or welts unlike paintball! The Archery Tag foam-tipped arrows pack a small punch but don't leave any marks, making it the perfect alternative to paintball. Pick a location across Sydney - the Hills, Parramatta, Blacktown, anywhere in the metro area and we'll travel to you to set up. Just choose a park, reserve, tennis court, indoor centre... contact us if you aren't sure where to go. We host a 2 hour event with all equipment, instruction, practice and gameplay, and if it's a HOT day you can always choose the Water Wars option - 100 water balloons for players to throw at the enemy to distract and keep them cool! Come along a few minutes early, so we can get started straight away with some instruction and practice with the equipment, before getting straight onto the field for back to back archery combat games!

Alternative to Paintball

Similarities Between Paintball and Archery Tag

You know what? Paintball is a great sport; definitely has its merits and is quite similar to Archery Tag. In both sports, there are teams competing against each other to be crowned the Paintball or Archery Tag Champions. It may be a group of guys on a bucks, girls on their hens, or some colleagues vying for the win. Choose your teammates wisely! Secondly, both Paintball and Archery Tag utilise a weapon to 'shoot' and tag out the enemy, so you will need good hand eye coordination and an ability to run and use the weapon at the same time. Archery Tag requires use of personal protection gear too, a mask for eye and face protection and an arm guard for your forearm (it may be in contact with the bow-string when shooting). Lastly, there are many similar game types in Archery Tag as with Paintball, as described above.

Differences Between Paintball and Archery Tag

So here's where the sport of Archery Tag differs completely from Paintball! Firstly it's just plain OBVIOUS that the larger foam-tip on the arrow will cause a lot less pain than a tiny pellet of paint. Our Archery Tag bows are 11kgs which means although you can shoot fairly long distances, it's nothing like the speed and velocity of a paintball gun, which can really pelt that paintball into your skin! OUCH. There are the age restrictions - paintball in most areas is either a 16 or 18 year old minimum age limit, whereas Archery Tag can be played by kids as young as 10!

The field is also a different size - we can adapt it to suit your group size at each event, but generally it's 12x24m. Did you know we can set up at virtually any indoor or outdoor location too? Parks, reserves, fields, tennis courts, private properties, indoor halls and sports centres, the list goes on! Pretty sure you can't say that with Paintball! And before we forget, last but not least Archery Tag is incredibly more cost effective (...way cheaper!) than paintball. You get a huge bunch of arrows all included in the price, and you won't be paying upwards of $100 like you do for paintball. Yep, Archery Tag takes the cake on this one. Perfect alternative to paintball in my books!

Archery Tag is a great alternative

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So are you drooling for some combat action yet?! Try something different; paintball is definitely a fantastic game but you just can't beat Archery Tag. Don't forget we can also include high-res photos and an event video (see some examples on our YouTube channel) for your booking, so contact us now for more information!

Ready to book now, or want some more info? Call Alex on 0421 668 807 to see whether your desired date and time is available. Contact us using the form below. We'll get back to you within 24 hours, sweet!