Game Rules

  1. Registration

    1. Teams must register online before week 1 of competition.

    2. Teams must have between 4 and 7 players registered and nominate a team name.

    3. Players must provide their full name, age, gender, mobile phone number and email address.

    4. A captain must be nominated for each team; this person must be contactable on a mobile number in the case of game forfeit or other circumstances.

  2. Fees

    1. The personal registration fee must be paid in full prior to the game on week 1 of the competition.

    2. The total amount must be transferred online to the Archery Games account with team name as description.

  3. Team and Player Rules

    1. Teams understand that the Archery Tag Local Competition is unisex meaning that any team may have any number of male or female players, i.e. any combination of sexes within their team.

    2. Players must be aged 16 or older, unless previously and personally approved by the Event Organiser and Licensee (Alex Pinto).

    3. Players are permitted to wear any typical sporting attire but must wear closed in sneakers during play. No jewellery is permitted during play.

  4. Match Structure

    1. A match consists of 4 x 10-minute quarters.

    2. During each 10-minute quarter, players are permitted to make substitutions, one at a time only, by notifying the referee.

    3. Each match timeslot runs for 60 mins, consisting of 4 x 10-minute quarters, 3 min breaks between quarters, and 8 minutes remaining afterwards to allow for preparing gear for the next match.

    4. A 'hit' is made when a player's body or equipment is 'tagged' or comes into contact with the white foamtip of the arrow. (i.e. contact made with the shaft of the arrow is not classed as a 'hit'.) A hit is worth 1 point.

    5. An arrow is considered 'caught' when a player catches it on the full and prevents it from falling to the ground. A catch is worth 2 points.

    6. The winning team is the team that wins the most points in the entire match.

    7. Substitutions may be made by any player on the field at any time, one at a time. Players wishing to substitute onto the field must notify the referee.

  5. Play and Equipment Rules

    1. Players must use the provided Archery Tag bows, arrows, mask and arm guard, unless otherwise permitted by the licensee.

    2. Players must not dry-fire the bow, i.e. firing the bow without an arrow loaded.

    3. Players must not fire more than 1 arrow at a time.

    4. The zones of play for each team include the entire half of the court inside the netted area, behind the safety zone.

    5. Players cannot fire their bow from within the safety zone, and can only move in there briefly to collect arrows.

    6. Players cannot stay in the safety zone for longer than 5 seconds.

    7. Players must not intentionally use their bow or an arrow to block an incoming shot. If they do so, the contact will be deemed a 'hit'.

  6. Forfeits and Late Starts

    1. A team may commence a game with minimum 3 players.

    2. A team that cannot field 3 players for a match is required to forfeit, and must contact the Event Organiser (Stephanie Pinto, 0422 539 148) with at least 24 hours notice.

    3. Where a team is unable to field 3 players at their allocated match start time, the opposing team receives 2 points for each minute of the quarter. This continues for the second quarter until 3 players are present to take the field.

    4. If a team does not have 3 players present by half time, that team forfeits the entire match.

  7. Conduct

    1. Players will respect the referee's decision at all times and not challenge his/her calls.

    2. Players will respect all players on all teams in the competition and not engage in any malicious verbal or physical behaviour.

    3. Swearing and foul language will not be tolerated and will result in the offending player withdrawn from the game at the referee's discretion.

  8. Results

    1. Semi Final and Grand Final matches will occur after the normal weekly rounds.

    2. During these weeks, teams that do not make the semi-finals or grand final will play friendly matches against other teams.