Have you noticed, that we seem to have landed in September already? We can't believe it! Once again, the year is flying by and we're looking at what to do for this year's work Christmas party. If you're one of the people tasked with finding a new and unusual activity for the work gang this year, we're here to take the job off your hands. It's all sorted. Look no further. Rest back in your chair. Tell the boss it's booked in. Ok well actually we will need a few details from you first...

If you haven't heard of Archery Tag before, of you've seen it online but aren't really sure if it's for you then here are some quick details:

  • Archery Tag is a team-based combat game, for the young and young-at-heart
  • Adults need no archery experience
  • We'll come to your suburb in Sydney and find a spot to play or you can come to our home turf
  • Use our simple recurve bows and foam tipped arrows to shoot and tag out opposing team members
  • Chuck on a mask and get on the field, use the bunkers for cover and make as many hits (or headshots) as you can

When To Book?

Each year, November and December are our busiest months, as we hold Archery Tag events for not just Christmas parties but also kids' birthday parties and school events. So, if you are thinking of an event towards the end of this year then let us know quick! We'll check our calendar for you.

What's Included On The Day?

So after getting all your info - player numbers, location and all the rest, we will get to the spot early to set up so everything's ready for your arrival. All players sign up to the waiver sometime before the day, so we can get straight into the action at start time. Our trained Archery Tag staff run everyone through a safety briefing, instruction and practice before getting into game play.

We have multiple game types, which are variations on the standard Archery Tag game. This keeps your Christmas party fast paced and fun! We'll have breaks every so often for drinks and the all-important team vs team trash talk. At the end we might have a teensy firing squad for the losing team, so if things are not looking good towards the end for you, maybe make a sneaky team swap before the final whistle!

What Else Can We Chuck In?

If you're after something a little extra for your Christmas party, then we have just the thing. A few things actually.

Choose from a Photo Package, where you will receive an album of high-res action shots from your event (great for posting up that insane headshot in the office) or Video Package, which includes a 2 min fast paced action video compiled from the day's event. Another option is Water Wars Package: Don't sweat it out on the field, keep cool with huge tubs filled with water balloons for your teams to pelt at each other! Distract the enemy and cool down with these bad boys. If your boss isn't the shy kind, why not hire a pair of our inflatable costumes for the event? You guys will look unbelievably stylish while dodging headshots from the opposing team members. Lastly, our catering menu has a bunch of fresh, tasty options for everyone to snack on during or after Archery Tag.

Archery Tag Christmas Party

Where Can We Play?

Let us know the area or suburb in Sydney you guys are located and we'll find a few options for you. We can play indoor or out – field, hall, tennis court, basketball court... and more. See what suits your group and we can plan it for you! If you have a location in mind just tell us where. If you need help finding an appropriate spot, we can hook you up. Keep in mind some councils are strict on park usage, so depending on the area we may need to hire a court or sporting oval.

Is Archery Tag the right Christmas party for our group?

If you have a small to medium workplace (e.g. 10-50 people) then this is a perfect activity. Also don't worry about Sensitive Sally or Worrisome Wazza, Archery Tag is very safe and not painful unlike some other combat games (paintball!) We have public liability insurance and have a strict safety code. Players of varying levels of fitness can play – those who are keen to get up front in the action or hang down the back and make long shots!

Archery Tag Christmas Party


Check out our pricing page for costs, then head over to our booking page to fill in a Booking Form. Want to talk to someone about it first, ask a few questions for the boss... call Alex our licensee on 0421 668 807.